We develop school programs curated to include activities with a wide range of interests and learning outcomes, focusing on holistic learning and educating sustainable leadership.

An International programme of Adventure Outdoor, Environmental, Conservation, Community Service, Sustainable Activity & Experiential Education via Learning by Doing Concepts.

experiential learning. David A. Kolb’s model of experiential learning can be found in many discussions of the theory and practice of adult education, informal education and lifelong learning. We set out the model, and examine its possibilities and problems.
Experiential Education 

The course of study includes classes in ecological science, field-based scientific research, history, mathematics, art, and English literature, as well as physical and outdoor education, cultural immersion experiences, and service learning.

Our entire program is place-based and experiential, intentionally immersing the students in

both the natural and cultural landscape of tropical rainforest & island environment.

Consequently, all courses have a field component to them. For example, in the applied scientific research course, students conduct primary research for a wide spectrum of investigations, including fisheries, sustainable energy and food production systems, and cultural resources.

Similarly, the thrust of the coursework in the Humanities classes stems from the many

cultural immersion experiences throughout the semester. On top of weekly service

learning projects in collaboration with Malaysian students at Penyabung-Endau, Eco Green School students spend considerable time learning from and with the inhabitants of

the local settlements.

Rounding out the course are the physical and outdoor education programs. Not only do

students spend five mornings each week training for either a half-marathon or four mile

open-ocean swim, but also they participate in two sea kayaking trips and earn PADI’s

Open Water Diver certification.

Ultimately, the rigorous schedule and programs create a transformative experience for our

students, who gain deep understandings of leadership, sustainability, community, and

sense of place. Our admissions process is competitive; selected students demonstrate solid

academic performance, leadership potential, and a high degree of self-motivation.